Rider Video Analysis

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Thank goodness for the internet! Now we can offer bodyboarding advice, on a personal level, to anybody around the world! 

What is this exactly?

Once you purchase the video analysis program by HandPicked. Our team will go over your footage and send you a 10-20 minute video analysis on your riding. From equipment to riding. We will cover all bases, The teams expertise on rider critique and surf equipment, will help you learn what you need to know, in order to progress your level of riding. Its basically an international one-on-one between you, and our team. All you need to do is, submit video footage and our team will take over and do the rest...

Who does the analysis?

Our team consists of world tour judge, and renowned board shaper Marc Rossouw. Marc has been involved in the sport of bodyboarding, on a professional level for over 35 years. From coaching, to shaping boards for the best riders in the world, judging on a local and world tour stage, as well as winning world tour judge of the year awards. Their are few people on the planet with the experience and knowledge.

Also on the team, is bodyboarder and brand owner, Michael Ostler, who has been involved in the sport on a professional level as a rider, brand owner and coach. A professional bodyboarder with experience reigning on a global level with personal advice from personal experience.

The two together create a dynamic team that can improve your level of riding, even on a competitive level. With close attention paid to equipment, skill level and goal orientation, the team will be able to break down your wave riding using a proven formula and make it easy to understand where you are and what you need to be doing to increase your level of riding.

Who is it for?

The team offers advice from early as ocean knowledge, to equipment selection all the way through to the most elite riders. With a collection of knowledge reaching over 50 years. The team will lend advice on any level. From paddling, catching waves and bottom turning, to the highest level of maneuvers, and big wave riding.  They are here to impart knowledge gathered over decades, and implement it to you, via your personal online video analysis course.

They also offer coaching formulas for competitive riders, wanting to improve their results in professional events.

Course ranges from - entry level through to the most elite level. Their is no limit.

Where is it available?

Available globally, we are here to help. Our team will get back to you within a week with your review and personal analysis video.

How it works?

You purchase this package now via the checkout link provided. Once you have done so, one of our team will reach out to you and explain exactly how to send the video to us. From there, they will work their magic and within the week, you will get sent your personal coaching video, which will help progress your riding, and the best part is, its yours forever! So you can keep going back and checking it out!

We wont use your footage or your analysis clip online or for any public display, unless you give written consent...

Oh, and while we are at it... We will offer you 10% off any HP custom or live stock on our site! Your code will be supplied on check out from one our team.