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Now you can book a One-on-One sit down with our HandPicked team. We will discuss your next board, your riding, lend advice on what you can or should be doing to improve your riding. The meeting is limitless!

What we offer :

We will sit with you, in store and cover topics like, what board works for your body type? What performance you're after from you boards? Your goals, and aspirations. We will watch videos of you surfing, and analyze your riding, lending you advice for your progression. We will talk about boards, and the way we build them. Explain what and why we would build your custom, so you have a first hand understanding of what it is we aim to achieve. Its a service only the best in the world have had access too.. until now!

Who is involved?

Marc Rossouw, who has been shaping boards for the best riders in the world, for over 29 years. His experience in the game is second to none.... literally. Marc is a qualified world tour bodyboard judge, who has individually won multiple judging awards over the years and is still actively involved in judging. Marc knows exactly what is needed from both rider and board. Which is what makes him the best in the industry.

Michael Ostler will join the sit down as well, to help with any rider critique and education. Michael has been riding waves on a high level for over two decades, and has first hand experience of riding all types and shapes of waves from around the world. His insight from being in the water, riding all kinds of boards over the years is a great aspect of our sit down consultations.

The two of them will lend some invaluable advice, and its a great way to understand your own riding, learn where you are and where you need to be, and then we can get into the technicality of building you the PERFECT board for the waves you are planning to chase!

To sweeten the deal, its FREE! We just want to ensure you are riding exactly what it is, that you supposed to be. #RideCustom