44.5 Inch - Gambler 2.0

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Let the games begin! We are playing a real life, virtual game of chicken! So we are kicking things off with a starting price of $500.00 and every day, at 12:00pm we are going be dropping $10 off the boards price, until sold!

So either, take a gamble and see how low you can get it, before you pull the trigger OR play it safe and take the discount!

The choice is yours....


A wider curve, finish of 55mm which is on the thinner side for the 44.5inch but it will give you a good feel of the board, even though its on the long side. Perfect for anybody 6'3 - 6'5 between 95-105kg

44.5 Inch

Double Stringer


Apex Core

Gent Two Quad Channels

HandLocks Conturs


Colour :

Black Deck

Blue Pinline

Blue Rail

Black Slick

Blue Nose Piece


N : 13

W : 22 1/4

T : 18 1/2

55 mm Finish


HandShaped in Australia

Shaped by Marc Rossouw

Free Shipping anywhere in Australia.