41.5 Inch - Gambler

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Let the games begin! We are playing a real life, virtual game of chicken! So we are kicking things off with a starting price of $500.00 and every day, at 12:00pm we are going be dropping $10 off the boards price, until sold!

So either, take a gamble and see how low you can get it, before you pull the trigger OR play it safe and take the discount!

The choice is yours....



Ostler Template

Poly Pro

Single Stringer

Crescent Tail

Slot channels

Decking Subtec


Colour :

Black Deck

Black Rails

Black Chine

Yellow Pin-Line

Red nose and Tail Piece

Black Slick

Custom Logo's


HandShaped in Australia

Shaped by Marc Rossouw

Free Shipping anywhere in Australia.