HandPicked X LOTU

We're proud of this collaboration with Land Of The Unknown. 

extract from Land Of The Unknown

"...we decided the brand was a fitting phrase to how we viewed ideal traveling, which is to follow your nose and venture into areas unknown to you. Since then, we have slowly built up a range of durable and purpose designed apparel and accessories to help assist you on your travels. " 

Say Less. 

Kick a rock over and you find a clothing brand. However LOTU had something that attracted us to their operation more than the high quality of their clothing... It was the process. These boys, much like the journey of HandPicked, are on the hard yakka getting these garments together in their garage! A local business knocking out some incredible quality products.

Say Less. 

So its a privilege to work with these guys, on our first of many ranges with the team. 

HandPicked x Land Of The Unknown. 

Available for pre-order now!